January Shop Update and Giveaway

Hey everyone! The shop is now updated and I am hoping you all love the new colors as much I do. I am really loving how everything came together!! All of these are in our sock base.

The Giveaway is being held on my Instagram page and my Facebook page.  You can join in on either one. It runs through Monday 1/30 at Midnight EST.  Good luck!!

Here are the new colors:


I am completely in love with the grays and and yellows.  It really goes well with the Rock and Marigold colors, depending on whether you are looking to make a more subdued project, or a project with a little more pop.



I am just going to go ahead and admit my lust for gray. I am absolutely blown away by it, and I am completely enamored with each and every shade. Long live gray! Now that I have gotten out of my system, back to Rock. I love it by itself, but it also pairs well with a lot of the other colors we have. It draws out some of the gray hues that show up in other colors, or it can compliment another color that really pops.



This happens to be my husband’s favorite color from this update. I was kind of surprised at first, but if you look in our closet, this is a pretty good reflection of what you will see. The subtle shifts in this remind me of a nice ebb and flow.



This color is not actually new, it’s just been updated to give it a richer tone. I am currently working on a shawl with this yarn.



First let me say that purple is my favorite color. It also happens to be the favorite color of my younger cousin Gabby. She is now in college, and long past the days where she would be at my heels, but we are still close, and this just reminded me of her, and our shared love of the color.

The only thing I love more than purple and gray separately, are purple and gray together. I am just enamored with the richness of the tones and the subtle shifts in tones.


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