Fiddling Around

Today is turning out to be quite productive. I am getting the non-creative stuff done for the shop. It’s not my favorite, but it makes things run a whole lot smoother, and leaves me more time to dye and knit fun things. This should free me up to have an afternoon of knitting, provided cats don’t get in the way.  Cats always get in the way; it’s kind of their job.

In my head I like to consider myself a fairly organized person, but the truth is I would be kind of lost without my planner / calendar. Right now I use two planners, one for day to day household things, and I have my smaller one that is specifically for the shop. Since it is small, I can keep it with me and write down things that inspire me. I try to keep it around me while I am working on things at home, so I can keep on top of things.


This is my shop planner, which is a Mini Happy Planner. I was not sure that I would like the small size and the horizontal layout, but I am pretty sold on it. I am one of those people that like to decorate their planners to an extent, but for my shop I really just need something functional that keeps me on task.

Hope everyone has a good rest of the day!


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