Happy Wednesday!

How is everyone doing this Wednesday? I hope your week is going well, for most of us we are halfway through! This week has been a bit busier than I anticipated, but that is not a bad thing. I got to catch up with one of my closest friends, which is always nice.

Mostly I have been alternating between knitting and dyeing, both of which bring me to a rather happy place.

For sometime I have been telling my husband that he can dye with me, but I usually do it early in the morning during the week when he is at work. This Sunday I decided to get some done since it was supposed to be nice out; it wasn’t. He has had an idea for a while, and I thought it was neat. Here are the results:


I really love how this came out, and I can’t wait to work with it. Most importantly, it was great to share this with him, and have his input.  He has, and continues to be my biggest support throughout this journey.

Friday there will be an update in the shop! I was going to have it a bit earlier, but I will be teaching then, so the update will take place in the afternoon. I will have a little treat for everyone!

Here is a sneak peek at Friday’s Update:


Can’t wait for these babies to dry!









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