Busy Busy Busy

This past week was kind of crazy. I caught a cold, and then my husband caught a cold, and then there were just a lot of errands to get done. Luckily, many of these errands required us to sit in a waiting room / reception area, where I was able to get some knitting done.

I love how knitting drums a conversation with people. They either knit/crochet themselves, know someone who does, or they are just curious about what it is that you are doing. I love it! I especially love when people share stories about their relatives who made them things. It is excellent reminder that the love and time we put into projects is remembered and appreciated for years to come.

Depending on where you were last week, you might have had some warm temperatures like we did. I always have happy memories of sitting outside with my family, and it makes it hard for me to resist relaxing outside and getting fresh air, even if it is February? Well, today it feels more like February than last week.


Yarn: Gabby on Sock

Some progress on my Reyna Shawl, and the latest book I am reading that I got from my Owl Crate (sorry if I spoiled it for someone; they should mostly be out to everyone now.)

I highly recommend the Reyna Shawl; it’s a free pattern, yay! It is also a great way to start lace work.  It is knitting up beautifully, and I cannot wait until I can wear it.


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