Surprise Dye Day

Today ended up being a surprise dye day.  For the most part I schedule my days, but sometimes I just feel the urge to dye something, or I remember a birthday that had slipped my mind.  A combination of the two ended up happening today, and it turned into a lot of fun.

A while ago I ordered a tweed base because I love tweed. After having this base for about two months I finally got to play with it, and I wasn’t disappointed.  Originally, I had just intended to do the purple, but blues and greens have been calling to me lately.  I’m excited to knit up some samples with these to see if they make their way into the shop. Tweed Practice

Before playing with the tweed, I was reminded that I wanted to send something to a dear relative. I  usually they send them a knitted item or two throughout the year,  but this year has been particularly crazy, and the time slipped. I decided to dye some Iceberg in DK, and make a slouchy beanie for one of my fave people. So, that is what is next on my needles!

Iceberg DK


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